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Follow the adventures of Alice COURTOIS in the first volume of Heritage of a Passion.

On her way to work, Alice comes across the keyring of her late father's 1966 Porsche, stolen in 1995 in La Rochelle.

Accompany Alice in her quest to find the Porsche stolen from her dad, Pierre COURTOIS.  Try to understand Anaïs, her best friend who does not understand her commitment to these polluting vehicles which, moreover, express too much elitist signs! shouldn't we save the planet?

This docu-comic introduces you to the fascinating world of air-cooled Porsches from the 1948 356 to the 1998 993. 

Very detailed technical data sheets by family inform you about the characteristics of these legendary models, but also about the number of vehicles produced and  its designer.

To offer yourself or to offer to your close Porsche enthusiasts, not especially Classic!

Already more than 3,600 comics shipped!


"Legacy of a passion" Volume 1: the investigation


    ISBN number: 978-2-9575354-0-8 

    Comic strip printed in New Aquitaine  (France) format 21.5 x 30.5. 490 grams

    52 pages, papier conda mat 100% ecological 150g/m². Shaping with square back binding sewn glued cardboard 24/10th.

    Open size 43 x 30.5cm.


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